Machine Learning Engineering paperback is back


If you ordered the paperback edition of the Machine Learning Engineering book but Amazon canceled your order, or if you could not order the book in your country, there’s good news: the paperback edition is back on Amazon and you can now order it.

The problem was caused by an internal policy of Amazon to not accept for publishing PDF files generated using the LaTeX system. LaTeX is the primary technology used in scientific and technical books. Thousands of books are prepared and released using LaTeX every year. It's a defacto standard for just any scientific publication in computer science and in science in general. For some reason, Amazon decided that LaTeX is not good for publishing. So, even if the book was already sold hundreds of times and didn’t contain any visible problem, Amazon has put it on hold and requested me to generate the PDF of the book using different software, which I did. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The book can be bought on Leanpub as a PDF file and on Amazon as a paperbackhardcover, and Kindle. Here are links to some local Amazon websites:

Enjoy your weekend!